Standing with Refugees : FLAG21

For the ninth article in our series, we met with FLAG21, a non-profit association that aims to facilitate the integration of people with asylum and migration backgrounds in Geneva through sports activities.

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

More than four decades of conflict have displaced millions of Afghans. Today, the situation has reached a new critical point.

The climate crisis is a human crisis

Nearly 84% of the world's displaced live in areas heavily affected by global warming. There are already more than 84 million forcibly displaced people in the world, and the effects of climate change are likely to push that number up even more.

Aiming Higher

"Aiming Higher" is the name of the UN Refugee Agency's program to give refugees a chance to continue their education after high school. The ambitious program plans to increase refugees’ access to higher education from 3 to 15% by 2030.  

What we do

UNHCR is present in 132 countries to support people forced to flee conflicts and persecution. 

87% of all 17,234 employees of UNHCR are fieldworkers on the frontline to help those forced to flee conflicts and persecution. Beyond emergency relief, UNHCR makes sure to find sustainable solutions for refugees for a better future. 

million people uprooted worlwide by mid-2021
of uprooted people in the world are children
million people are stateless
refugees have been resettled in 2020
Switzerland for UNHCR

Switzerland for UNHCR, a foundation under Swiss law, is UNHCR's national partner in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It was established in 2020 to promote closer ties with the Swiss population, and to mobilize critical funds essential to fulfill UNHCR’s mission. 

Cameroon: Displacement caused by resource scarcity
Since the end of 2021, the Far North of Cameroon has been the scene of violent clashes. Inter-community violence in this region has forced more than 100,000 people to flee, a figure that is probably even higher.
Echos from the field
Meet the cartoonist Hani Abbas
Hani Abbas is a well-known cartoonist, living in Switzerland since 2012 after fleeing the war in Syria. As a Syrian and Palestinian living all his life as a refugee, his artworks reflect his history.
In Switzerland
Standing with Refugees : SPORTEGRATION
SPORTEGRATION est une association fondée en 2016 qui réunit des personnes réfugiées et des locaux ici en Suisse. Nous utilisons le sport comme base et moyen pour une intégration durable des jeunes.
Standing with Refugees
Refugee Portraits: Awadil
For the fourth article in our series, we met Awadil*, who had to flee Pakistan 28 years ago, where his life was in danger. He was granted asylum in Switzerland, where he now works as a social worker helping other refugees.
Refugee Portraits
Yemen: the world's largest humanitarian crisis.
Eight years. That's how long the crisis in Yemen has already lasted, a civil war that has forced more than 4 million people to move within the country. A devastating crisis, which has destroyed health services and food supplies in the country.